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Tips to choose colors for your newborn session

Sep 29

First, I want to say thank you. This page is likely because you booked your newborn or older baby photography session with baby photography Victoria bc. I am thrilled that you chose me to capture your precious baby's first moments.

You might have booked a maternity photo session already, but if not, you can learn all about my maternity photos in Lincoln sessions. We can also take a look at any color in person! Before booking a newborn session, people often find out whether they are team blue or team pink. This usually leads to the first choice of color.

Muted colors are my favorite and I believe they will make your images timeless. To help you with this, I often include woody props in your session. This is because it's my style. There are many colors in my photography studio. I recommend you choose one color and have it accented with one or two other colors (usually cream and/or gray). 

Before making your decision, consider where your images will be displayed. Will they be in the nursery/child’s bedroom? If so, what color scheme would that room have? Are they going to be displayed in the living or dining rooms? Maybe a playroom. 

Consider the colors in these rooms, and ensure at least one of them is included in your images. The newborn session is not just a session. Consider bringing a color from the newborn photography session to their sitter session and then using that color in a cake smash session. You will soon be one year old and have a superb selection of photos from their first year. Stunning!

Let's look at the primary colors and their relationship with accent colors. This will give you an idea how they could look in your newborn photography session with Mama Bear Photography.


Pink is always a top choice for girly sessions and a favorite of mine to shoot with. It's versatile and goes well with gray, purple, and cream. Depending on your preference, you can choose from all pink in dark or light tones.


Blue is a versatile color that can be used with many accent colors.

Duck egg blue is the perfect color for a girly look. I was so in love that I bought it in large quantities to ensure my palettes were complete.


Green is an excellent alternative to blue if you don't want something too traditional. This is a perfect choice for baby boys and girls, and it looks beautiful with a gray wrap or lots of green on green.


You can see that I love an earthy look to my images, as you can see by the amount of wood I use for my props and sets. A baby is the most natural thing on the planet so I love to use these rich, muted brown tones. Cream is a great complementing color for the darker browns. While gray may not work well with cream, cream can add a little more lightness to the overall gallery.


This stunning color is a common choice for most people and quickly becomes a primary color rather than an accent.


This is an attractive option if you want pure, timeless elegance. This is the perfect accessory for both girls and boys. It also comes with various headbands and bonnets that can be used in conjunction.


This color is gaining in popularity and I am buying more of it! Although I prefer to photograph this color in a muted tone rather than bright, it makes you happy.

Let me know if you see a color that I don't have that suits your home. These images should have helped you find the perfect color combination for your newborn photo session in Lincoln. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to request specific inclusions, such as stars or headbands.