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How should I dress my baby for a new photo shoot?

Oct 4

Congratulations! You booked a baby photography Victoria bc session with your baby. Congratulations! Next, you need to think about how to dress your baby. These tips help you choose the right outfit for your baby.

Neutral and soft colors 

Soft and neutral colors are often the best choices.


  • They look great on all skin types
  • These will let your baby be the star of the portrait
  • They are timeless and classic, and they complement any interior style.


What are neutral and gentle colors? You have many options!

Texture and material

Natural material is always recommended to me. Silk, cotton, and wool are great for photographing and adding texture to images. They are gentle and safe for babies' delicate skin.


Do baby shoes need to be worn? It all depends on what type of session you are having! Barefoot is the best choice if your session takes place in a studio. It is adorable to see baby feet and toes, and it is something I love to photograph! Coordinate with your outfit if the session takes place outdoors. We recommend you avoid wearing sneakers unless they are the style you want to include in your final portraits.

Props and toys

Baby photography sessions can be very helpful with toys and props. Toys and props can keep little ones busy, especially during teething. You should choose props you love that you can still enjoy 20 years from now when you look back on your portraits. A blanket or wood toy is great for peek-a-boo, keeping the baby entertained and happy. It's a great idea to bring a baby's comfort blanket or toy.

Family Portraits

All the above applies if family members are present to photograph the baby. You can choose neutrals and soft colors. Mixing and matching colors is a good idea, but keeping the same color tones is best. You should feel comfortable wearing clothes that flatter your body. Our studio encourages dads and moms to participate in the images. These are the most precious!

What to Avoid

Avoid heavy patterns, logos, and bright or dark colors unless you have a particular vision or artistic style. Baby-safe synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, or acrylic are not recommended.

Ask your photographer for recommendations.

Most likely, you chose your photographer based on their portfolio. What are the colors and tones you see on their websites? This should inspire you to create an outfit for your child.


Your photographer is always available to assist you! Are you looking for ideas? Ask him/her! Professional photographers are often happy to help with outfit coordination.

Boutique photographers often have a client closet containing beautiful clothes that can be used for your photo session. It's easy to find the perfect outfit. All you have to do is show up.