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What Type of Food Should You Eat at a Bridal Shower?

Nov 18

The bride-to-be's shower is a very special event, so you want to serve great food that will make her feel special, so what is the best food at a bridal shower? You'll want to choose two or four wines for the bride-to-be, and she can choose foods to match. For dessert, choose tiered platters. You can also use regency-era shows to create a high-tea set-up.


If you're planning a bridal shower for a friend or loved one, consider throwing a bridal luncheon. It's a great opportunity to spend some quality time together, and to thank your attendants for their help. There are many ways to host a luncheon.

First, decide who you want to invite. If it's a large group, you can invite everyone, but if you'd like to have a smaller, more intimate gathering, invite only the ladies who have helped you with your wedding. Keep your guest list to around 20 people. That way, you'll be able to spend some close time with each guest.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea at a bridal party can be a fun and unique way to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Traditionally, high society has enjoyed afternoon tea parties in elegant rooms, where guests can enjoy hot tea and small sandwiches while chatting about local events. However, this type of party has a more casual feel, and you can choose a more casual or more elegant setting for this event. For instance, you can host your tea party in a garden or at a historic mansion. You can even set up a separate tea station.

To make the atmosphere as elegant as possible, consider using modern or vintage pieces to decorate your venue. For example, instead of using standard table linens, consider using handkerchiefs as napkins. You can even coordinate your table linens with vintage china plates. Another way to create a beautiful and festive setting is to use vases of fresh flowers. You can also use tea canisters instead of traditional flower pots.

Fruit salad

The perfect bridal shower snack is a delicious fruit salad. This healthy, light-calorie treat has a sweet honey and citrus flavour. It takes only 15 minutes to make. First, you'll want to rinse and peel the fruits. Next, zest a lime for flavour. Then, combine the lime juice and honey to create a dressing. Microwaving it will help the mixture mix well.

Fruit salad pairs well with cocktails and is perfect for any bridal shower. Fresh fruit will give the event an exotic and festive feel. To create a festive atmosphere, consider serving the refreshing dish in a vintage crystal punch bowl. This will add a beautiful and festive ambience and hold a generous portion.


Fondue at a bridal shower is a fun way to share delicious food with guests. This type of food is often associated with weddings, but can be used for other occasions as well. You can set up a special fondue station for larger weddings, or you can serve a full fondue menu to more intimate gatherings.

Guests will enjoy the opportunity to dip their treats into rich and delicious cheese or chocolate fondue. It's a unique way to share food, and it will encourage guest interaction. While white chocolate is the traditional choice, dark chocolate is not out of place either. Pair the chocolate with marshmallows or a variety of dipping treats, including pretzels, mini muffins, or angel food cake.

Waffle bars

If you are hosting a bridal shower and want to provide the guests with a fun, filling and inexpensive meal, consider having a waffle bar at the party. Besides being delicious, it's also a great way to save money on catering and food waste.

To prepare your waffles, start by making a light yeasted waffle batter. This batter has a deep, rich flavour, and doesn't require any butter. Simply combine milk, sugar and yeast in a large bowl. Mix well, and let cool before adding the eggs. Whisk until smooth and fluffy.

Non-traditional bridal showers

When planning a non-traditional bridal shower, there are many things to consider. First, determine whether you want to have brunch, lunch, or dinner. Depending on the theme, you may also want to serve appetisers or even champagne. Also, make sure to ask if there are games to play. Some women don't like these games, so let the host know ahead of time.

A non-traditional bridal shower is a great place to introduce fun modern ideas and traditions to the bride-to-be. While you may not want to include alcohol, it's still a great way to celebrate the big day. Instead of a champagne toast or a traditional bridal shower toast, consider a gin & tonic bar or signature cocktails. Alternatively, you can offer a grazing board of local cheeses and fresh fruit.