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The Basics Of Food Photography

Dec 11

Commercial photography has come a long way from simply photographing products in a studio. Now, it is expected from a commercial photographer company to be able to capture the essence of a dish and make it look as delicious as possible. This is where food photography comes into play. 


As the name suggests, food photography is simply taking photos of food. However, it's not as simple as just pointing and shooting. A lot goes into making a dish look its best on camera, from the styling of the food to the lighting used.


A good food photographer will be able to take a simple dish and make it look like a work of art. They will know how to style the food to look appealing and use the proper lighting to make the colors pop.


Industry blooms with the help of food photography, especially those companies in the food and beverage business. Unsurprisingly, one of their main priorities is to make their products look as delectable as possible to attract more customers and boost sales.


Who Books Food Photographers?


Food photography is booked by those in the food and beverage industry. This can include restaurants, caterers, food manufacturers, grocery stores, and more. Anyone who needs to showcase their products in a positive light will book a food photographer.


A quick Instagram DM, email, phone call, or in the old days, just stepping in and saying "hello" would do the trick. However, when examining the more prominent brands, the wheel has a few extra gears. Although there are a few exceptions, the brand typically has a marketing team that hires and collaborates with an advertising agency.


After the suits and creatives present their ideas to the brand, the art buyer at the agency will request that the photographers' agents create treatments for the job. The brand will then request an estimate and decide whether or not to work with you. A contract is signed from there, and you're ready to start the project.


What Does A Food Photographer Do?


A food photographer's responsibilities will vary depending on the project they are working on. For example, if they are shooting for a cookbook, they are responsible for styling the food and photographing it.


If they are working on a project for a restaurant, they are tasked for taking photos of the dishes. However, it is essential to note that food photography is not just about taking pictures of pretty food. It is also about ensuring the food looks appetizing in the photos.


This means that food photographers need to have an eye for detail and be able to style food in a way that makes it look appealing. They also need to be able to work quickly, as most food only stays fresh for a short time.


How Much Do Food Photographers Charge?


Like everything else, the fee for food photography varies greatly, from a total expenditure of perhaps $300 for a neighborhood restaurant to an average daily rate of $30,000 (some photographers charge much more for particular tasks) for advertising campaigns. 


Compared to small restaurants, there are fewer huge jobs available, but there is also less competition, and you need to work fewer days to make a good life. As with most genres, there are pros and cons.


How Do Food Photographers Get Work?


Marketing is essential, particularly for larger projects. A comprehensive website, active social media accounts, and a strong portfolio are all necessary for getting to work as a food photographer. It is also essential to be proactive and reach out to companies you would like to work with.


Many food photographers get work through referrals, so it is essential to network with other photographers and industry professionals. It is also a good idea to attend food photography workshops and meetups, as this is a great way to meet other photographers and learn about the industry.


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