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How to Market Stoke-on-Trent Enclosed Photo Booths

Nov 6

Stoke-on-Trent enclosed photo booths are a fun way to capture the moment for a meaningful event, such as a wedding anniversary. Couples can capture the special moment as they reflect on the past and the future together with a variety of props. This type of entertainment is also great for anniversary parties. When marketing for photo booth events, it is important to create an image for your business that people will remember. The right brand will help you book events and generate a good amount of publicity.

Social Walls help promote photo booth events

Social Walls are a great way to promote enclosed photo booth events. During events, people often post photos on social media and you can use this to create massive buzz and have spectators from around the world tune in. You can even create a social wall that has a slideshow format and rotates through the latest photos. The Dicken Suite Function Room has large rooms to hire for your special occasions. 

Creating social media content is easy if you have the right social media aggregator tool. This tool compiles content from different social media sites and displays it on a screen. You can also give out prizes to guests for posting on the social media wall. You can also include a live poll or contest for the audience to participate in. You can even include a hashtag so people can post their answers.

Social Walls can be used in physical settings, too. You can use them in a restaurant by making the wall a live display. You can also allow patrons to take pictures of their food and tag your establishment with a hashtag. By creating a trending hashtag for your event, you can build interest and attract new patrons.

Mirror photo booth

Mirror photo booth rental services can be a fun way to enhance photo booth events. With features such as a customised digital mirror, users can customise their photos to fit the theme of the event. These mirror photo booths are also interactive, allowing users to sign photos, add emojis, and ham it up.

Unlike traditional photo booths, mirror photo booths are discreet and fit in well with the theme of the event. A mirror photo booth looks classy and elegant, so it can fit into even the most modest decor. In contrast, a traditional photo booth is more obvious and will draw more attention.

Mirror photo booths are ideal for indoor events. The mirrors have a reflective surface, allowing guests to practise poses. They also feature a touch screen and voice prompts, which make it easy to use and add a touch of whimsy to the experience.

Customised props

If you want to spice up your photo booth in Stoke-on-Trent experience, you can choose from a wide variety of customised props. These props can be nautical, bohemian, sports-themed, or emoji-themed. You can also get fun items such as sunglasses and hats.

Adding fun items is a great way to get people involved. For example, hashtag signs can be a fun way to encourage guests to use social media to share their pictures. Other fun props include Instagram frames, giant head cutouts, and moustaches. These items are a great way to get guests to pose for pictures.

Customised photo booth props can also be used to advertise brands and businesses. These props can be in the form of chalkboards or whiteboards. They are great for capturing heartfelt messages and promoting a theme.

Business branding

A photo booth event can be an excellent opportunity for business branding. In addition to the photos, guests can upload them to social media, which can help spread the word about your business and brand. Your brand name and logo will be visible to anyone who views these images. Business branding at photo booth events can help you connect with your customers and extend your brand's visibility to the global market.

Business branding at photo booth events can include the use of high-quality lighting, Snapchat-style lenses, and event hashtags. Additionally, you can have custom photo booth backdrops featuring your brand logo, name, or superhero. You can also include a call-to-action on your website, or on social media, so people can share the pictures on their social media. In addition, you can have a full data capture survey to collect email addresses and phone numbers from the event attendees.


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