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Which color looks best on a newborn?

Oct 4

You will most likely find how to correct skin color in Photoshop if you search for colors that suit different skin tones. Although there is plenty of information available on how to correct and edit newborn skin, there is not enough information about how to highlight baby's features.


Choosing the right color for your studio set can be difficult, especially for newborn photography. Colors can look different in photographs than they do in person. It is best to have a set of colors that match each skin tone. Choosing the right color for your baby that matches their skin tone is difficult. Many people place too much emphasis on the shade or undertones of a color when selecting clothing, makeup or creating a set.


Our blog article about how to make the perfect studio set briefly covered cool and warm 

colors and how to choose a set with matching colors when you use multiple colors in one set. We want to continue the discussion. This blog will be broken down into skin tone and skin color sections. Skin tone refers to the undertones of a baby's skin. There are usually two categories: warm and cool. The second is skin shade. Here is a detailed guide of baby photography Victoria bc for choosing the colors that look best on newborn. So, let’s get started:

Skin tone

It is possible to determine if your baby is cool or warm-toned. Anyone can do this, even parents. The baby is likely warm-toned if the veins are green on the inside of the arm. If the veins appear bluish or green, it is more cool-toned. The squishy newborn will have neutral undertones if the color is near the middle. They can choose from warm or neutral colors. Below is a list with the best colors to match each skin tone.


Warm Primary reds, oranges, corals, yellows, ambers, turquoise, moss, magenta/orchid colors

Warm Neutral Taupe and chocolate, creamy white, and latte

Cool Primary bright and royal blue, sapphire and emeralds; some greens amethyst. Deep purple, lavender, lilacs, ruby, bright pinks, and lilac.

Cool Neutral - gray, navy, bright whites

Skin Color

We are halfway there! Now it's time to pay attention to the baby's skin color. Many shades are available, but we will break them down into three categories.

People with darker skin tones tend to be of African or Indian descent. They have dark hair, dark brown eyes and dark hair.


Dark skin is best in shades of deep purples, deep yellows, deep eggplant purples and orange. The neutrals and light colors that look great are khaki, gray and light blue. Black, dark brown, navy and light green are not flattering colors.


When choosing colors, it is important to consider color casting for dark babies. Bright colors can make editing difficult if they shine too much on the baby's skin. Choose lighter shades, such as a baby pink or a soft pink. 


Although dark babies can look stunning in bright colors in person, the effects on the skin might not be worth it. Bianca Hubble, Bianca Hubble Photography says neutrals are perfect for babies with dark skin. The other colors I like to use are: burgundy and mustard, dusty rose and several jewel tones.


People with medium skin tone are Asian, Latino, Mediterranean, or dark mixed. People with medium skin tones tend to have black or brown hair, but they can also include people who have darker hair colors or blonde hair.


This skin color is best suited for bold and primary colors. Medium-shade skin (olive) is best suited for bold colors such as purple, mustard, greens, cranberry reds and bright or Navy blues. To avoid washed out, it is better to choose shades a bit darker or brighter than the middle tones. Opt for a bright plum instead of lavender. Medium shades will love bright colors.


Avoid medium green and yellow colors for this skin tone. These colors are too close to skin tones, undertones and skin tones. This skin tone is best described as bright and bold.


People with light skin shades have the most pale skin tones. They tend to have cool undertones but can also have warm tones. Pale skin tones have lighter hair colors and eye shades, including blonde and light brown. This skin color best suits blues, burgundies, purples, and balsam greens. You should stick to the pastels, as any color considered spring-time will look great.


A baby with pale skin can be affected by black and true white sets. Opt for an off-white cream or gray set. Choose the most flattering shade based on your baby's skin tone. Although dark jewel tones look good on babies with light skin, editing can be difficult to achieve the right color.


This list should help you choose the best newborn photography setups. We are here to help you if you get lost and want to give up. The universally flattering colors are emerald and stone, teal, true reds, mellow pinks, and true reds.